Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Fat Pics.

Welcome everyone & Goodbye to my Ass!

Well it feels like forever since I started on my lifelong diet. In fact it was 20 years ago. My mother put me on my very first ever diet when I was 14. I was a little chubby but by no means overweight.
Since then I have yoyo dieted my way up to a BMI of just over 33 or 92kg. I have tried almost everything possible to get to a healthy weight and maintain it. The lowest I got down to was when I was 21. I was 62kg but I didn't get there the healthy way. I was well and truely addicted to Duromine. I then went on and off Duromine for a total of 9 years untill I fell pregnant with my twin boys. Since the birth 3.5 years ago I have tried heaps of stuff to shift the 25kg that I put on (got up to 108kg, with babies) including Weight Watchers x 3, Tony Ferguson, Celebrity slim, Biggest loser, Lite n' Easy, Curves diet, Acai & Colon cleanse, my doc even put me on Reductil (till it was pulled from the market) to try to lower my ever increasing blood sugar level and cholesterol.
So with great thought and support from my Darling Husband, I have decided to "Finally Lose It!". How do I plan to do this?, you may ask, well I'm getting a Lap Band...
Lap Band, yes a Lap Band. There I have said it.
I've only told 3 people, my Brother (who is also interested in the surgery), and my neighbours (and friends) who we socialise with a bit so I felt they would find out soon enough anyway.
I'm a little scared that people might judge me and say "I'm taking the easy way out" or "cheating", well I thought this a little also. It is hard to change a lifelong thought pattern of diet, diet, diet. Well the fact is that yes I am "cheating", I'm cheating an early death. I've come to realise that at the age of 34 after dieting for 20 years and still being Obese that it is time to step up to the plate and really get some help.
So why have I decided to post my surgery in the most public of ways, well I guess I like the thought of strangers knowing my inner feelings and thoughts. Yes strange but kind of appealing.