Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last two days.

The last two days have been a little uneventful.
Didn't get to the gym yesterday or today but did managed to go for a big walk last night, which was lovely. I love the simplicity of just walking along the street. Nothing to worry about, just listening to the traffic and the occasional bird. It really is a time for me to clear my mind.
I have been trying to track my eating habits a little more. I have noticed I am definitely able to eat a lot more since my unfil a little over a month ago so I need to to watch what I am putting in my mouth a little closer. I am an emotional eater! If the boys are stressing me out I always reach for bad stuff, be it chocolate, crisps, or what ever is at hand. I have even been known to put a spoon into the the nutella jar. Not a pretty sight I must say :) So I am trying my hardest to resist these urges, not with much success though, but I am trying so that is the first step.
Also I think I may have a small drinking problem. Not enough to be completely concerned but enough to know that most nights I am wanting a wine or two, and to indulge in this behaviour can lead to some serious health and non-weight loss issues. I have decided to only allow 3 wine nights a week. That might sound like a lot to some of you but for me it has been no problem having a glass or two with my husband each night after the boys go down.
So for the last couple of days I have been doing a little soul searching and rule setting. I would really like to get to goal by Christmas. It is only a measly 13 odd kg (28 pounds) so at just 1.3 kg a month I'm sure I can succeed. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is not a race and nor should it be.
Nite :)

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