Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm sure it is killing me!

The gym that is!
I started back at the gym on monday and have since done 2 pump classes, a body attack class and 45 minutes on the cardio machines. Not bad for 4 days.
I am really feeling it. I was struggling to walk the day after my first pump class but pushed through the pain, and am glad I did.
I am taking today off though cause I think I went a little hard yesterday in my attack class and now my ankle and heel are playing up. Will be back in the morning for another pump class (I love those).

And onto band related news, I am sure I am a little too tight. I have been PBing heaps but am managing to keep fluids down with no trouble. We are heading to Brisbane early December for a night or two and I'm thinking I might go in for the smallest unfill. There is a doc here in Mt Isa that does it but I'm just not sure if I trust him. I think I can battle through another couple of weeks.

I'm still enjoying the Holiday Challenge and have not cheated once. Yay! this would have to be a first for me. I'm looking forward to tonight though when I have allocated my self a glass of wine with dinner. :)

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  1. Sounds like a grueling workout! Way to go! I'm doing pretty good too. Let's keep up the good work!