Sunday, December 12, 2010

MIA - Sorry

Sorry I have not been on for 3 weeks. Life has been busy and not much in band-land has been going on. I'm pretty much the same weight as I was 3 weeks ago. 200gr down. I am now at 80.1 kg. I just can't seem to break the 80 kg mark. I've seen 80.1 now three times but keep bouncing up and then back to it again. It is starting to get a little frustrating but I know it is because of this crazy time of the year. My choices have not been great and my liquids have been up. So I guess I should be grateful to have lost 200 gr and not had a gain. There is 2 weeks till Christmas and I am determined to get below 80 by then.

My band has finally settled down and I am now able to eat most things again (minus bread & pasta) without PB'ing. This is such a great relief because I was thinking of getting an un-fill. I have noticed that it gets quite loose around TOM and after doing some reading I see this can be quite common.

It is really starting to heat right up here now. Last week we had a good few days over 40 (104). It is only gonna get hotter coming into January. I'm so happy to have a pool and the boys and I have been living in there.

Oh a NSV. I bought and fitted into my first size AU12 (US8) denim shorts in years. I am a firm size 14 (US10) in most things and all of my size 16 (US12) are now way to big. I started out this journey wearing tight 18 (US14) and now almost 5 months in I am fitting into 12's, that's 3 dress sizes. YAY!!! I've also had to throw out all my knickers and bras, much to my husbands glee. He much prefers my now lacy numbers ;-)

Well thanks for sticking around. I am going to try and get through some blogs today and catch up on everyone.

Cheers Nikki x

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  1. Good luck for breaking 80 by Christmas - I've been bouncing up and down over the same kilo for a couple of weeks now - I need to stop the extras if I want to lose but it's so hard at this time of the year.