Sunday, March 13, 2011

UNDER 77kg

OMG I'm so happy to finally be in the 76kg range. I jumped on the scales this morning and it came up with 76.8 kg. That is a loss of 700g in a little under 2 weeks. I know this is slow going but I am not concerned. It's not a race and I know that if I applied my self more I would lose it faster.
I only got to the gym once last week. I went on Wednesday hoping to do the pump class, but they were doing step. I was disappointed so jumped on the cardio machines for a hour instead. I also hopped on our treadmill twice. So I am thinking that 3 x exercise sessions a week are just not cutting the mustard. I've set my self a goal of 4 gym sessions this week and on the treadmill on the other 3.
We are off to Brisbane in a week and a half and I would love to be at 76kg or under for my visit to my Surgeon. That would be a total loss of 17.5 kg lost since surgery, and would put me back at pre-pregnancy weight.
I will post again just before we leave to let you know how I've gone :)
Take Care

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