Thursday, April 7, 2011

Had a great couple of weeks

So I just got back from Brisbane and spending time with my gorgeous family. While I was there I went and saw my Doctor. We decided I needed a small fill so he gave me .5 ml. I was weighed in his office and I came in at 76.5kg. I was pretty happy with this as it meant I would have been around 76 kg minus the clothing. Yay so I had reached my goal of pre-pregnancy weight.
Well since then (about 9 days) I have lost 1.7 kg. WOW. I am now down to 74.3 kg as of this morning. I blew 75 kg right out of the water. Now if started going back to the gym I could lose it faster :)
Had a few great NSV's (non-scale victories) while in Brisbane also.
-Bought the most stunning evening gown. Will get a picture of it for you when I get the chance to wear it.
-My Dad glanced over at me and thought I was his 59 kg wife standing there. That made me laugh a little.
-My neighbour commented that I was fading away :) Not quite, but was a great compliment.
-Spent the whole day at Dreamworld with my boys walking around, going on rides and swimming and playing in the water park. Did not feel tired once and had amazing confidence in my Size 12 bathers.

Thinking of you all fondly and sending big prayers to Drazil and her little Banana. x

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  1. Glad that you had a great time, looking forward to pics of your gown!