Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Question??

So I have a question for all my blogging mates.
Can someone please tell me if it is possible to still be in bandster hell two months after surgery?
I have had 2 fills and have a total of 9ml (9cc) in a 14ml (14cc) band, but I am still getting hungry like all the time and I have only lost 1kg in 6 weeks. Yes I admit that I have had such a huge two months (2 x 40th birthdays, 2 x Weddings, 1 week holiday, 2 x weekends away, visitors for almost 2 weeks) and I feel like I haven't had five minutes for myself, my eating habits are crap and I've been drinking WAY too much wine. My exercise is almost nil and I am so bloody tired from lack of sleep.
So tell me is this still bandster hell or just my bloody life getting in the way of progress?

Oh and a shout out to my new follower - Not Your Average Gal. I don't have a blog for her but would love it if you let me know :)


  1. Yes!!!!

    I have the same problem - when I get a fill restriction is fleeting!!

    My doctor says that there is a layer of fat around the stomach - so when you lose weight you can lose some of the fat around the stomach and therefore lose restriction.

    Call your doctor and head back for another fill :-)

    Also pat yourself on the back - you've had heaps on and before the band you would have probably put weight on (well I would have in your situation anyway!!)

  2. Sounds like you need another fill, we all need different levels of fluid in the band so its not like you can compare.
    I have 7.3 cc's in my 14cc band and feel I have an ok level of restriction but think that I'm a fair bit heavier than you, I think I'm around 97 kgs.

    You really need to keep going back until you feel happy.
    Sounds like considering you've done really well.

  3. yes it is!
    the week after my second fill I thought I had restriction...but now im starving!
    and woah you have had a busy couple of months...remember to chill out once in a while!

  4. I would think it's totally possible. And my nutritionist said the same thing as above, about the fat layer surrounding your stomach. Go for another fill if you need it! I'm still waiting for my first :-(

  5. I'm 7 weeks out, one fill of 3.5cc in a 14cc and I am having a hard time...that fill doesn't seem like it did much and my appetite is coming back. The mental hunger is pretty bad right now too. Part of that is my TOM (evil womanry) but I do know one thing, My band does NOT feel tighter during my TOM. My exercise has been non existant because everytime I do anything, I pull a muscle near my port incision and it hurts! I did wii fit over the weekend and cleaned the house really good and sure enough...I'm bending over the toilet cleaning wwaaaaay behind there and OUCH, pulled something. Dang it.

    I wonder why my blog doesn't show up on my google profile? That can't be good... Here is my little piece of the web:

  6. P.S. I'm so glad I am not the only one who is having this problem and I'm so glad I've found this blogging community of folks who are in about the same stretch of their journey as I am...

  7. Yes!! I was in Bandster Hell for MONTHS!! In fact, I considered myself in Bandster Hell until at least the 7th month! I am now 10 months out.

    But then, my Fills were relatively small compared to what some of us get, so it took FOREVER for me to get any real restriction at all!! Like just 6-8 weeks ago!!

    So I would definitely get another Fill. My Doctor told me as well, that as you lose weight, the fat surrounding the stomach shrinks, thus opening up the band some, taking away your restriction. So you need to tighten it up some more, to attain that restriction again!!