Monday, July 26, 2010

3 More Sleeps

Well I'm kinda over my little freak out and am now just looking forward to starting my journey. I'm totally over this Optifast diet. No wonder I never managed to stick to these shake diets before, they are complete bollocks.
On a lighter note I contacted my health insurance and it looks like they are going to cover almost everything. I do have a $250 excess that I will have to pay, which really is nothing compared to the cost of the surgery. I guess paying thousands in insurance for 20 years has finally paid off. :)
My husband is starting to get really excited for me. I'm sure he is getting sick of all my babbling about it though. Guess he better get used to it cause there is gonna be a heap more to come once I finally have the band. He did have one question that I couldn't answer though "Will I be able to drink beer?". We love to have a nice beer together on the weekends and I guess he is a little concerned he will lose his drinking buddy. LOL. I am also a little curious about this so anyone with an answer there would be great?


  1. Wow!! And I thought I had awesome insurance! I had to pay over $3,000 excess!!!

  2. I beat you all... i paid $13,000 for my surgery ahhahaha

    PS, you can have beer.... i had a beer on Saturday night for the first time since the surgery, i just took it slow, the bubbles are the worry so just slow sips are good :D