Monday, July 19, 2010

Pro-op Bikini Pictures

Arrggg....Well so many people over the years tell me I am not overweight and that I look healthy (I'm sure we have all heard this from time to time). Here is the proof that what they say is totally wrong.
I bought this bikini a few years back (maybe 5) when I was at my lowest weight. Although I can JUST fit into it, it is by no means flattering to see (no 80cm waist here). I hid away in my bedroom to take these pictures so no one would see me in this horrid swimsuit and here I go posting it all over the internet. I've decided to do this so that I can keep some type of visual record of my journey and felt it very important to showcase the start.

Pro-op diet is going okay. Had a bit of a blow out last night with dinner. Oh well.


  1. You are so brave!
    Cut bikini...I'm sure that you will be strutting your stuff on the beach in no time!

    Argghh I hate when people say things like "why do you need to lose weight? You look fine"
    I know it's complete bullshit especially when I'm like 50kg overweight!

    Good luck with pre-op...I'm on day two (doing it for 4 weeks!)

  2. You know, much as you probably hated putting these pics up... as soon as you really have started to have a great weight loss you're going to love them. You're going to look back and go.. wow, go me, look how far I've come. I know I did.

  3. You are going to be so happy that you took these pics.

    Even though I heard everyone say it - I didn't do it - and now I wish I could see how far I've come!!

    Good for you!