Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Appointment with Nurse

So I just got back from my first appointment with my Surgeon's Nurse. She took my stats down (weighed in at 92kg on her scales), and wanted to have a long chat about where I was at. She was very positive that the band would be the right option for me. I was so excited to hear that she thinks that my Surgeon will be happy to treat me. Yay.

Anyway I now have an appointment with the Dietician for next Wednesday, 14th. The Nurse said I will most likely be placed on the pre-op diet then.

I then have an appointment with the Surgeon next Friday, 16th. He will just need to go through most of the same things the Nurse did and be sure that I am right for the procedure.

Then if all is going well I am booked in for Surgery on Thursday 29th July. Holy cow, so close. I'm super excited and just can't wait for this new chapter of my life to begin.

Oh almost forgot to add that she gave me a goal weight of 65kg. :o) Can't wait to be there.


  1. Congratulations - you are soooo close :-)

  2. Hi there!!
    So cool to see another Aussie on board. We need a few more to even out the Americans lol. Congrats on deciding on the band - it's very exciting. This whole community of bloggers are going to become your best ally to figuring out things as you go and your confidants. I love them all!
    Look forward to more posts :0

  3. Hi Nikki! Glad I found you as you're starting...you're so close now!!! I can't wait to follow you along the rest of your journey!
    -BG I'm here: