Saturday, October 16, 2010

Changing my Ticker.

I've decided to follow in the footsteps of some fellow bloggers and change my ticker to reflect how much I have lost since I was at my highest, just after I had my twins when I weighed in at 108kg (238 pounds). It looks so much more impressive, and is such a good confidence booster to show how far I've come so far. Claim it Nikki, you deserve to. :-) The picture is of me just before I had my boys. Wow, how on earth did I manage?


  1. I have a pic of me in labor with my twins that I just marvel at. How in the world was I even upright at that point!?

  2. Hi Nikki P-thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Love it when I find some newbies. Quickly read through your blog and you are so right about choosing the band. I too was "only" at a BMI just under 35 but had some of the same problems that you did. It will save my life by losing and also keeping the weight off.

    Love you pics. You are looking good. (And hope you find your scales!! That is too funny that your DH hid them.)

  3. Hi girls, thanks for the lovely comments. I had my boys a little under 4 years ago now. Damn I feel as though these past 4 years have been a weight loss roller coaster. I would be happy to take the changes in my body for my boys any day though.
    You girls are great :0)

  4. I count my weight from my first WLS doctor visit. I lost 80# before surgery and damn it, I count it!!!