Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Mini Goal Reached

Well I got back my scales from DH and weighed in this morning. Wowee did I get a huge shock.
I'm down to 83.3 kg. That is a whole 1.7 kg less than my first goal. Holy cow I totally skipped being 84 kg. This mini goal has also now made me OVERWEIGHT. Yes no longer am I obese. I have not been overweight for 5 years!
Might only weigh in every 2-3 weeks from now on, it seems to help.
I also got another .5 ml in my band on Monday, and that I am sure has put me on the edge of the red zone. I'm not pb'ing but I sure as hell am getting stuck on stuff so I'm just trying to learn all the rules as to what I can and can't eat now. I think this has helped a bit in the last few days.
Not at a point where I need to have an unfill, just where I need to keep an eye on things. ;-)