Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My First NSV

So my DH and I went out on Saturday night for dinner with some friends, we had a lovely evening. They drank champers, I drank one glass of wine (I can't handle the bubbles, damn it), they ate big steak, I ate small entree. It was just fantastic, how it should be. Well today I downloaded a picture taken of DH and I before we went out, and I must say even I am impressed. I can really see some changes in my shape in the last few weeks. I bought a new dress specially for the evening. It is a size 14 Aust (I think that is a 10 US / medium). I was so excited, I tried on so many dresses in the store, all size 14 and they all fit. I actually bought 2 dresses, but I haven't had a chance to wear the other one just yet.

Yay, on another topic, my DH said I can have the scales back. Now I just have to find them. He is away and won't be home till Monday and he won't tell me were they are. LOL. Will be interesting to see how I go come Tuesday morning.


  1. you look amazing!
    love the outfit

    Ps. you're house looks beautiful! look at those shiny floorboards

  2. you look great!!! love the dress.... you totally need to start posting more pictures :D