Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hideous Withdrawals

Well I feel as though I am having withdrawals.

My DH has taken my scales away and won't give them back.

The other night I was about to get on them to see how I had done through the day and DH decided I was becoming obsessed with what my scales say. He took them off me and threw out the batteries then hid my scales.

Yes I was indulging about 3 times a day, but he has forced me to go cold turkey and now I'm all nervous and jittery. It feels so wrong to not jump on my scales every morning.
He said I can't have them back until we get to Mount Isa, that is 4 weeks away!!!! He told me I have to measure my progress in other ways, clothes fitting, inches lost, ect... How the hell do I do this. My life has revolved around the numbers on the scales.


I'm seriously thinking about buying another set and hiding them from him. Kinda like the closet food stash I used to keep. ;-)

1 comment:

  1. On the plus side he is calling you on your obsessive behaviour.

    On the negative he is treating you as incapable of being in charge of your own process

    And there ends Dr Mo

    You had the surgery to loose weight right and taking away your ability to see if you are doing good or bad wih your choices isnt fair.

    Can you negotiate a weekly weigh in?