Wednesday, August 4, 2010

6 Days in and a hic-up :(

So almost everything is going to plan. I'm sticking to liquids although I am hankering for a ham and cheese toasted sandwich.

My problem lies with hunger pains. They have been waking me up in the wee hours of the morning for the last 3 nights now. The past 2 nights I have gone to bed with a protein shake near the bed to sip on through the night. If I try to ignore it the pain in my chest is so intense that I want to cry out. Has any one else experienced this?

I had to go into my Surgeons office this morning to pay my final account. While I was there Dr Martin was chatting to his receptionist. He asked how I was doing and took a look at my incisions (which are healing well), I told him about the night hunger and he was a little concerned that it could be something a little more sinister than starving to death. He wanted me to go and get an ultrasound to make sure I am not developing Gall Stones. Oh bugger.... Anyways after waiting 2 hours in the x-ray department at the hospital I got in for my Ultrasound. The sonographer said she could not see anything so hopefully it is all okay.

Man I would kill for a sandwich right now.


  1. On my liquids at the start all i craved was beans, avacado's on crackers. there was so much i wanted to eat but couldnt... hang in there, trust me, it all goes back to normal soon enough :)

  2. aww hang in there!
    I hate those hunger pains :( hopefully it will get a bit better when you're on mushies
    Did you have these hunger pains when you were on optifast?
    Congrats with everything though! sounds like everything is going well

  3. If it is hunger I hope the next food stage eases it, if it is something else, I hope the doctors can work it out soon for you.

  4. Hi Nikki! I finally found your blog. I am so thankful you chose to share this all with does help the ones that haven't had surgery yet. I am glad they didn't find gallstones..looking forward to reading! Heal quickly!