Thursday, August 19, 2010

Get me outta this HELL I'm in...PLEASE...

So I think I am officially in Bandster Hell. I knew it was coming but god this is crazy.
I'm hungry like all the time, but can still only fit in a small amount of food. I just want to eat all the time. Damn I hate this. This is when I would normally fall off the dieting wagon into a pit of deep fried shit and a bottle of bubbles.
Thank the gods above that I am getting my first fill in 6 days. I can't wait to get back to that feeling of satisfaction I had a week ago.
I also did not lose a single ounce this past week and although I'm not concerned about this at all I am a little disappointed. I'm not eating any were near as much food as I was before surgery and I upped my walking this week.
Oh well :( Move on Nikki.

Also welcome to Queen Bee - Miss Vickie. :)


  1. Dont worry im in bandster hell atm..... im eating so much and have no sense of fullness which is makinmg me go slightly insane and im having barely any losses but i know half of it is my own fault.... i need more motivation again!

  2. Bandster Hell sucks...bigtime. Just remember, small meals even though you 'could' eat a horse...having more tiny meals is better than 3 large ones until all the internal healing is done. The WL will come back with restriction and now that you've had a taste of it, you know it's real. Success at this point is internal healing...not glamorous or motivating, but you're doing everything right.

  3. It can be tough, but hang in there. Make sure you eat your protein first, that can help a little, and drink plenty of water:)

    Here's hoping you fill will ease it a little.