Friday, August 27, 2010

First Fill (or was it my second?)

So I had my first adjustment on Wednesday morning which was no were near as scary as I was expecting. I was with my surgeon for about 3 minutes. He put me up on his table and firstly took out the little stitch that was poking out (glad that's gone it was giving me the shits), then he asked me to lift my head then just a little pop as the needle was inserted through the skin and into my port. It was a strange feeling as he put in the saline, I could kinda feel my band tightening, which was simply fantastic.

Well as it turned out my Surgeon had put in 4ml (4cc) into my band on placement because it was a little loose around my stomach, then on Wednesday he put in 3ml (3cc) so now I have a total of 7 ml in my 14 ml band. Half full. I am booked back in on Wednesday 8th Sept (2 weeks) for my second adjustment. I have asked my surgeon to be rather aggressive with the fills as I would like to try and be in the green zone (sweet spot) quickly due to my DH getting a job back in Mount Isa, so we will be moving soon. He is quite happy to help me out there. Guess I am so lucky to have a Surgeon who is willing to change things up for each patient rather than just sticking to a schedule of 1 or 2 ml at a time every 4 weeks. He says I should reach the green zone at around 9 ml :)

I can really feel some restriction there now which I am loving. I'm not hungry all the time and I am feeling full after a small meal. I definitely feel as though I can't eat in the morning for a few hours. I haven't yet given it a try but I feel a little pressure in my chest first up so I am just assuming this to be the morning restriction that people talk about. I haven't had any stuck episodes yet or any pain when I eat, and it seems as though everything can go down with no problems. I ate sushi for dinner last night with no issues on the rice. I'm looking forward to my first steak. I think I might have one this weekend. Yummy.

Thanks for all the great comments everyone, they are so very encouraging. xx


  1. Wow 7ml! I have 5ml in mine and i thought that was haps... thats unusual a 14ml band, mine is a 10ml, well thats what the doc said i could be wrong.

    Glad all is going so well :D

  2. I have a 14cc band too. Its good to find others with the same band.
    I currently have 7.3cc's in it and feel that I'm pretty much at restriction, I had rice a couple of days ago and getting it down was really hard. We're all different and I think that I'm probably heavier than you.
    Good luck!