Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Wonderful Weekend.

Wow I feel so normal :)
On Friday my DH got some good news from work so we decided to go out to celebrate. I know I had way to many liquid calories but in regard to food I had no problem finding something appropriate on the menu. My hubby and I shared a small serve of pate and then I had some fish pie. OMG it was so delicious. It was like a seafood chowder topped with potato and truffle foam. It wasn't something I would normally order but due to being on mushies I decided to give it a go. So worth it. It was funny though cause I could only eat a very small amount of it and when the waiter took my plate away he asked me if anything was wrong with it. I told him it was simply amazing but I couldn't fit it in, he looked a little sceptical. Guess I better get used to that :)
Next morning we packed up the kids and went up the coast for the night. Could only find yogurt for breakfast in the servo but it was fine and filled me up for a good few hours. Had the filling from a small quiche for lunch, then for dinner I ate a small piece of grilled barra and 2 scollops. I would have just loved to have eaten the salad that came with the fish but that does not quantify as a soft food.
We had a great time, The boys got in 2 swims in the hotels huge spa, we took a long walk on the beach looking at crab holes, took the kids to the Aquarium where they had the cutest seal who kept kissing the kids through the glass, then this morning we all went to the Ginger Factory.
After we arrived home at around 11 am we got invited over the neighbours for a late lunch. I had one rissole and about 1 tablespoon of potato salad. Have had some more yoghurt for dinner.
All in all I have had a fantastic weekend. Think I'm gonna sleep well tonight :)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend - were you in Mooloolaba? We had a great family holiday there a few years ago.

    Definitely get used to waiters asking if everything was all right with your food - and to looking at other people eating and thinking "wow, you are eating so fast!".

  2. Yeah we stayed in Maroochydore, only 3km from Mooloolaba. My family loves the Sunshine Coast. We like to go up for a day or two every 4 months or so.

    Lol about the comment about people eating so fast, I only just noticed this yesterday at our neighbours when we had lunch. My hubby was onto his second helping and I hadn't even gotten through my small serve.

  3. aww sounds like you had a great time!!
    I cannot wait until I can eat mushies...bring on the variety!
    We used to drive up to the sunshine coast every few years to visit my's amazing up there in the summer. such a laid back place