Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Extra Big Welcome Today

So I'd first like to welcome 2 new followers to my blog, Maree and Sarah. It's still kinda weird to think that people from around the globe are reading about my experiences. I really like that people are interested. So a big thank you to all of my followers. Without you I think I might feel a little lost in my journey.

And the Extra big welcome is to my Family.
Hehe, my Mum found out about my surgery and has been following my blog. She found me through my scrapire nights blog. I suspected that she might have known when I got a text from her on the morning of my surgery wishing me luck :) but today was the first time I talked with her about it.
I also have just told my Dad (who in turn will tell my step Mum - I hope hehe). I was a little apprehensive about telling everyone because I didn't want to feel judged during the time of surgery and recovery. I basically just wanted to concentrate on my self. Anyway I was totally worrying about nothing and everyone has been so wonderful and supportive.
I love my family to bits and I feel a little embarrassed now for not letting everyone know that I was having surgery. I feel kinda relieved now that everyone knows.
Big kisses xxxxx

1 comment:

  1. Nawww thats cool your family knows now.

    I told heaps of people... i still do... i dont know why... i have issues with big secrets when they are about me... im way to open.

    I dont like sitting there and people look at me funny because i barely eat anything or say no, so i just tell them now that i had the surgery and they usually back off.

    Sucks that Bam wont be out your way... you could have stalked him like i will attempt to!